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It’s not easy saying goodbye to someone who’s contributed so much to a project you love. It is with much regret that I inform you this will be the last LARMAGAZINE issue with Ivonne Ballí as editor, to whom we wish the best in her future endeavors. We’re grateful for her commitment, talent, and young and fresh view on themes which we might have overlooked had she not been on the team. This edition is an example of that.


In addition to having been the editor of the past eight issues of LARMAGAZINE, Ivonne is an artist with focused interest in painting. Her perception and knowledge on the medium led us to an investigation into very interesting and -at least to me- unknown paths. This is significant, as I’ve always considered myself open to, informed about, and near to recent decades’ artistic production; which of course includes painting. However, over the last couple months I discovered a series of parallel dimensions within that. In fact, there has been so much information, artists and interesting data that we have found along the way, that we decided to make this a double edition.


I encountered artists whose work I hadn’t seen, as well as others whose work I had understood only individually. Analyzing them in a group allowed me to have a panoramic and contemporary notion of painting, not as accumulated isolated cases, but as a strong and potent phenomenon.

We noticed in particular three pictorial tendencies that coexist today. On one hand, there’s an intense hyperrealist movement; on the other, proposals in the vein of abstraction and suprematism; and finally, a style that reminds us of the “Bad Painting” popular in the 80s. Such a panorama poses questions about painting’s relationship to itself as well as its general conception in contemporary art. My conversation with Karen Huber- who I interviewed for this edition- has shown me how the neo-expressionism I observe in a lot of contemporary artwork isn’t a comeback, but a pictorial quest that has always been present and won’t likely disappear. We have the luxury of including many great proponents in this edition.


We present the portfolios of Urs Fischer, James Rielly, Eric Yahnker, Sarah Cain, Peggy Franck, Hulda Guzmán, Eric Yahnker, Jennie Ottinger and Willie Wayne Smith and our special guest Santiago Vela. Our recommended exhibitions include: Egon Schiele - Jean-Michel Basquiat en Fondation Louis Vuitton; New work:Etel Adnan en San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA); Painting and Invention. Saúl Sánchez en PEANA; y Polarities. Horacio Quiroz en Booth Gallery. As for interviews and articles, we share with you a wonderful conversation that Ivonne Ballí had with Horacio Quiroz about his recent exhibition in New York, as well as some reflections on painting written by Gonzalo Ortega with his article The Ontological Dimension,

and as I mentioned before, an interview I had with a great friend and distinguished gallerist from Mexico City, Karen Huber.


As always, we hope you enjoy this edition and be prepared for the next one


Catalina Restrepo Leongómez



Interactive Cover by Urs Fischer. 


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