They say 2019 is the year of change. Without a doubt, for LARMAGZINE, it is. We kick off with renovated ideas, switching up strategy and rethinking the magazines usability. We’ve update the design of our website and magazine, along with adding new features that better fit the way we consume content.


We launch this issue with a podcast that includes audio formats of the articles, both in english and spanish; these will be available in each text allowing the reader to decide if they rather read or listen to the article. This is an extra feature will surely help the consumption of content reach a more dynamic form, further becoming a reference for other digital publications.


The main subject for the edition is Labor, and we have the great honor of presenting the work of one of the artists who has become an undeniable point of reference regarding these theme: The spaniard Santiago Sierra. We are very excited to present his portfolio because, not only is his the most complete of portfolios, it is the portfolio with the most content that we have presented thus far. We want to thank him for his great generosity. Furthermore, we present with the portfolios of.Nicolás París (Colombia), Johanna Unzueta (Chile), Scott Sternbach (USA), Carlos Lara (México) and Packard Jennings (USA).  


Another aspect that makes this issue special is the added sections. The first is: Project where we present three artists, each with a project that directly deals with the main theme. Shown for the first time, Carlos Castro’s Respirando por la herida, 2011- (cont.); Dulce Pinzón, with her renowned photo series The Real Story of Superheroes, 2012; and Perla Tamez with her series, 2015-(cont.), wherein she documents her father who practices beekeeping. Another new section is: Studio Visit. Our editor Dominique Suberville visited artist Carlos Lara at his studio and she shares with us her vision of the artist’s practice with a complete interview. Moreover, the famous quotes -which formed part of all of our past issues- will be replaced by Playlist; a distributed section that presents from different genres, fragments of songs that are related with the subject at hand and allow us to offer different sides of it.

Furthermore, we’ve included a Nicolás París interview realized late this past year by our dear friend and contributor Gloria Cárdenas, when the artist was developing a project at Ladera Oeste in Guadalajara. A gem! You will also be able to read an opinion piece written by Dominique Suberville regarding the treatment of women that work as domestic workers in Mexico. On my part, I share my own opinion piece that reflects upon the lie and danger to a society when merit is measured by effort only. Don’t miss out on the recommended exhibitions in this issue: The Street. Where the World is Made at MAXXI Museo Nazionale delle arti del XXI Secolo, in Roma, Italy;  and Andreas Gursky at Gstaad Saanen Airport in Switzerland.


As always, we hope you enjoy this issue as much as we enjoyed putting it together and with pleasure, we always welcome any comments.



Cover: Line of 250 cm. Tattooed on Six Remunerated People, 1999 ,  Santiago Sierra


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