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February 23, 2019

This last December, Bitcoin made the news when it rose in value at a record of $19,000 USD, and then made the news again in January when it “plummeted” to $11,000 USD, and kept going (at time of publication, it was at $8,000 USD). Most of the talk was focused on whether to invest or not, whether it’s a bubble, whether it will go up, down, sideways or upside down. With that kind of discussion, we’re only scratching the very surface of what the blockchain technology is capable of. Of course, investing in cryptocurrency has proven to be lucrative for some, but the focus of this text is to explore the possibilities of the blockchain technology. Cryptocurrency means the separation of money and state. Because of its peer-to-peer transactions, that means that no third party - whether bank, government or otherwise- can interfere or do the transfer for you. It means you send your money directly to someone else without having to transfer it through a bank. These third parties can’t interfere,...

November 1, 2017

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Martina Menegon, It suits me well

Empty Vessels // Vulnerable Bodies is an online embassy available at, starting on November 1st all the way through January 31st, 2018. The exhibition, curated by Doreen A. Ríos as founder of [ANTI]MATERIA, focuses on the body, its representation, and the relation between artist-audience through a vessel, the body. It is compromised of digital artworks by artists Abelardo Gil-Fournier (ES), Ronen Tanchum (IL), Gisela Nunes & Paulo Almeida (PT), Colectivo FCND (MX), Alejandro Acevedo (MX), Martina Menegon (IT), Puck Schot (NL), Olga Mikh Fedorova (RS), Elena Romenkova (RS), Diogo de Tita (PT), Flavia Visconte (AR), Laura Focarazzo (AR), Alex M. Lee (US/KR), BodySnatchers (IT), Ian Web-Harding (US), Norma Zúñiga (MX), Sandrine Deumier (FR), Ruy H. Alfonso (MX), Christina Smiros (US), Laguna (MX), Chuck’s Brothel (MX) and Diego Ortega (MX).

This exhibition was organized for [ANTI]MATERIA’s pav...

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