Monterrey, Nuevo León, México. CP 64920

April 20, 2016


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La ciudad de Monterrey ha vivido un acelerado crecimiento en cuanto a infraestructura y edificaciones se refiere, y con ello han nacido espacios de todo tipo que se abren paso entre la escena artística y cultural de la ciudad. Algunos de ellos son museos o instituciones públicas, sin embargo, la oferta de galerías y centros artísticos abiertos a la comunidad creativa se ha vuelto muy popular y ha dado un nuevo giro a la producción contemporánea de Monterrey


​​1. MARCO **

El Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de la ciudad de Monterrey es el espacio más popular para acercarse al arte. Desde su inauguración se han ofrecido muestras de artistas con una trayectoria reconocida y es un lugar que ha dado cobijo a piezas importantes de carácter contemporáneo.

Durante los últimos años, MARCO ha actualizado los formatos que se exhiben en el museo y al mismo tiempo ha generado exposiciones q...

March 11, 2016




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The San Francisco Bay celebrates the aperture of the new Gagosian Gallery space.

The event does not only supposes an extraordinary opportunity for the area collectors but it also offers a place of interest for anyone who appreciates modern and contemporary art from a wider vision and through different types of formats and mediums.


The building corresponds to a design by Kulpat Yantrasast and is located on 657 Howard Street, right across from the old Crown Point Press Building and it will accommodate the work of the most worldwide outstanding producers, maintaining the quality cosmopolitan level that Gagosian Gallery offers throughout its seventeen locations based in the cities of most influence and artistic thrive.

Since their opening in 1980, the gallery offers a  big amount of publications, educational programs, and excellent quality catalogues that annually participate in fairs around the globe.


More than the opening of a conventional gallery, this events a...

March 11, 2016

(una aproximación a su obra 1967-1999)
Comisariado: Nekane Aramburu

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Starting from March 11th, Palma de Mallorca will welcome for the first time in Spain, the work of Narcisa Hirsch at the Es Baluard museum in the form of an individual retrospective. The exhibition “Reproductibilitat”, commissioned by Nekane Armaburu, who will offer an introduction to the artist’s work, promises a course through Hirsch’s experimental work, whose production and research demonstrates her to be one of the most important exponents of innovation when talking about her field in South America.Born in Berlin in 1928, Narcisa Hirsch did most of her cinematographic work under the Argentinian military dictatorship using as a starting point her beginnings as a painter until refining her production through installations, object-art, performance and even street art which led her to use the language of experimental cinema in an outstanding way.“Reproductibilitat” articulates from crucial work pieces by Hi...

February 5, 2016



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Sometimes we find spaces dedicated to art and coexisting, where the passion, support and good vibes that always emerge can be found; such is the case at Obrera Centro. Today is their first year anniversary and it is being largely celebrated with the event called “Con Uñas y Dientes” (With Fingernails and Teeth). They will have a series of interdisciplinary activities that blend into one in a performative action to talk about matters that come from the relationship between the mind, body and their tools.

A collective exhibition of the works of Enrique Jezik, Tatiana Musi, Keef Winter, Victor del Moral and the party brought by Los Vecinos del Ritmo and DJ’s Dante Saucedo and Crolina baleen, will make this event the “official” unmissable. This celebration-and the visit to the place in general- is a must for those who are enjoying the Art Week in Mexico City, but mostly, for those who share this ideal of collaboration that Giacconi and Castro propose through the universal...

February 2, 2016


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The chaotic yet cozy work of Mauro Giaconi creates a bridge between the transformative destruction and the birth of new spaces and images.

Due to his career in restoration, Giaconi uses certain types of chemicals and tools typically used in this field as his main resources. The twist that this argentine brings to the artistic scene comes from the use of the previously mentioned materials to create from destruction, through an inverse restoration process. His most recent line of work has become a preview of w...

January 30, 2016


On view at Galerie Lelong 

through Saturday, January 30, 2016


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The work of Yoko Ono is known for the peculiarity of promoting the collaboration and participation  of the public and in this particular occasion,  it also requires the collaboration of the galleries where her work is being displayed. This series produced by Ono is exhibited simultaneously in two New York City galleries: Gallery Lelong and the Andrea Rosen Gallery and that way, the yearning for unification with which Yoko Ono produces this series of works. As an additional benefit...

January 27, 2016





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The work of Merike Estna ranges between painting and performance, challenging the limits of the surface by using different types of supports which, as a whole, dabble in the field of installation.Through painting, Merike Estna explores its capacity by empowering of all kinds of surfaces and gives the public the sensation of becoming a part of the piece; offering an unusual lecture of this medium and proving that painting is anything but conventional. 


Estna uses every day objects as the substitute of a canvas, which implies giving painting itself, a body, shape, and the ability of movement. Through the alteration of the limited space meant for painting, she makes the spectator conscious about his/her own corporality in relation to the corporality of the pieces surrounding him.


From her beginnings as a grad student at the Academy of Arts in Estonia and in Goldsmith College, the work of the artist has fascinated and incorporated the public from numerous exhibitions...

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