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March 10, 2019

Siempre fueron lecturas polarizadas que van del blanco al negro con escasos tonos intermedios. Decía mi colega la artista Pilar Villela que mi trabajo es un veneno rápido y un bálsamo lento. En efecto las primeras lecturas ante un nuevo trabajo mío y me refiero a las p...

February 23, 2019

This last December, Bitcoin made the news when it rose in value at a record of $19,000 USD, and then made the news again in January when it “plummeted” to $11,000 USD, and kept going (at time of publication, it was at $8,000 USD). Most of the talk was focused on whethe...

January 23, 2019

 Previously published in LARMAGAZINE.025 Language and Techology

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In the mid-90s, the Japanese telephone company Docomo began experimenting with a new symbology for written communication. Through his experimentation, Shigetaka Kurita fou...

Catalina Restrepo: Patricia, what caught my attention when I saw your work was that although the creatures do not exactly have a human form —in a realistic way—, they seem to have personality. In addition to technical skills, I guess this also requires significant know...

November 2, 2016

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LARMAGAZINE tiene muchas noticias últimamente. Por una parte, está estrenando una plataforma mucho más robusta y que permite generar contenidos más interactivos. Además, está presentando un nuevo número con el tema de lenguaje y tecnología con el...

June 16, 2016

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En todo lo referente a lo paranormal, creo yo, recae uno de los temas más polarizantes que existen en la sociedad. Están tanto los que creen, como los que no. Hay quienes incluso dicen “no creo en brujas pero de que las hay, las hay” o “yo no creo mucho...

March 17, 2016

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In my opinion, artistic projects with an ephemeral character –performative, installative, in public spaces or of social engagement projects- require a higher level of thoroughness than any other discipline. I am not able to point out that which makes the...

February 11, 2016




Come and visit our stand at ARCOmadrid


An inspiring scene of contemporary collectors

By Emireth Herrera

Published in LARMAGAZINE.022 Family


​The International Contemporary Art Fair ARCOMadrid, organized by IFEMA, has become an event of great importance in the...

Cover by Catherine Bagnall Photo credit: Alicia Young

For me, being from Colombia and living in Mexico, it is hard to imagine what it would have been like to grow up in a peaceful context… a real peaceful one, and to live without fear of going out of my house and being...



At first we had the idea of preparing two LARMAGAZINE issues that would complement each other: the first would review artistic production related to violent contexts, and the second related to peaceful ones. I imagined the difficult one would be the s...

January 17, 2016




To explain what Art is in a universal way is impossible. We could ask many experts, who would all say different things but would surely agree with only one: art is something in constant change. When certain guidelines and canons are defined as established, beneath t...

January 16, 2016


I would like to begin by saying we are happy because this issue represents a before and after in the history of LARMAGAZINE, and in the history of contemporary art magazines too, probably, since it’s the first time we see a cover that moves and speaks. I admit that on...

January 15, 2016





Don’t you feel that art has become very solemn as of lately? That’s a question made by a friend in a recent gathering. Humor is not a very novel theme within art, much less in contemporary art, but I at least had not questioned it in a long time. When I started thi...

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