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January 17, 2016




To explain what Art is in a universal way is impossible. We could ask many experts, who would all say different things but would surely agree with only one: art is something in constant change. When certain guidelines and canons are defined as established, beneath there’s a generation changing the rules to reinterpret “that” which stands for art. For decades in museums and galleries, we’ve found objects that don’t say much at first sight, pieces that with no intervention, gallery text, catalog or artist explanation, would not be able to transmit their whole meaning. Conceptual art is completely established; for that reason, I also sense some movement underneath that could shake things up. Personally I love this idea, that we are entering a moment of radical changes and not because I have something against conceptual art, but because changes excite; to analyze things differently is always stimulating.


For some years now I’ve found artists who recover qualities that seemed out of foc...

January 16, 2016


I would like to begin by saying we are happy because this issue represents a before and after in the history of LARMAGAZINE, and in the history of contemporary art magazines too, probably, since it’s the first time we see a cover that moves and speaks. I admit that one of my dreams from many years back has been to show the work of one of my favorite artists: Björn Melhus. And as a crowning touch, renowned German researcher and historian Stefan Heidenreich shares with us one of the best texts I´ve read about this great and famous artist.


This issue is dedicated to analyzing the least explored sides of censorship, a subject we had in mind for several months, and that couldn’t be more appropriate after recent world events. Just like feminism or socialism, censorship is one of those big and heavy subjects that never seem to have even a little crack where any small critique could filter without being politically incorrect. 


There are cases where censorship is the stepping stone for unparal...

January 15, 2016





Don’t you feel that art has become very solemn as of lately? That’s a question made by a friend in a recent gathering. Humor is not a very novel theme within art, much less in contemporary art, but I at least had not questioned it in a long time. When I started thinking about examples and asking about relatively recent contemporary artists –not in the level of Warhol, Cattelan or Koons- that would work and propose their work around the subject, many isolated pieces came to mind, even many first pieces from artists that today have gained international recognition. But what perplexed me was that nobody would think the question was a difficult one.


Being funny or having a sense of humor is very hard; not everyone is born with that great gift, and even those who have it know that it’s not easy to maintain. Not repeating a joke is sometimes exhausting. In the same manner, to bring out a laugh in the other (even an internal one) means being in control over a very powerful content-transmi...

January 13, 2016


Being absolutely sensitive about the victims of violence, and especially those of genre, I want to start this editorial by saying that I am grateful for all those feminists who in different moments of history have been brave and have fought for equalitarian rights and conditions. Thanks to them I consider myself a free woman that can choose about her body: I´ve never felt discrimination, have never felt I was being paid less or being taken less seriously for being a woman, much less been a victim of violence. Nevertheless, this issue of LARMAGAZINE is not outlined as a revision of traditional feminism (of which I am personally very critical), manifested today in the same way as it was more than a half century ago.


I believe that it is personally important to question everything, including that which under every light seems like a just cause, just as feminism. Due to recent conversations with people closely linked to this movement I’ve perceived a certain fundamentalism, and at the sam...





Did you read the previous issue? It is really exciting to see what can be done today with a digital publication, specially what it offers to a discipline so rich in visual content as contemporary art. This format opens up many possibilities in terms of archive and presenting the record of a work of art.


I believe that in this moment of history our daily and routine activities are directly related to the gadgets we hold in our hands. In just eight years, advances in mobile phones and social networks have completely transformed the way we receive and transmit information; in this generation we witnessed a gigantic evolutionary leap in terms of technology. Studies point out that in 5 years, the 80% of people that accesses the internet will do so from a mobile device. That’s a lot! That is why we want to start exploring the editorial possibilities that this platform offers, seizing the power of interaction in order to offer a better magazine and a better information source for our read...

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