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January 23, 2019

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In the mid-90s, the Japanese telephone company Docomo began experimenting with a new symbology for written communication. Through his experimentation, Shigetaka Kurita found that an efficient way of communication could be through small images that economize words and were clear at the same time; thus were born the first emojis.

First they were supposed to be simple images that could share emotions; that’s why the smiley face infiltrated so deeply in the 90s pop culture. But as urban languages started to develop through emoticons and emojis, they left their informal character behind to consolidate a new method of communication which, next to geographical languages and binary programming, would be effective in the internet.

Today, emojis are part of our daily life, and they are associated as a complement for written communication, but in order to understand their connotation and transformation...

Catalina Restrepo: Patricia, what caught my attention when I saw your work was that although the creatures do not exactly have a human form —in a realistic way—, they seem to have personality. In addition to technical skills, I guess this also requires significant knowledge of psychology, anthropology or even body language. Are there other studies that you have combined with art? Patricia Piccinini: Before I went to Art school I completed a degree in Economic History, but tended to focus more on themes like philosophy and cultural studies. However, as an artist I’ve always had an enormous interest in the world that surrounds me, so I spend a lot of time doing more informal research, following scientific announcements that come to my attention. After Art school I spent a lot of time drawing anatomy in museums, and that has had a lasting influence on my work. I don’t really have any particular expert knowledge beyond that which I have gleaned for myself. I would not want to be considere...

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