10 videos inspired or made by contemporary artists

Not at all surprising that many music videos are made or inspired by contemporary artists' work. Sometimes that "inspiration" gets so close to copy so they end up getting into legal problems like Lady Gaga with famous French artist Orlan.

So, just for fun, we made this top 10 music videos that we love and some other that make us say "what the hell were those artists thinking when they decided to get involved with that". May be you have seen these videos on youtube and didn't know they also could be displayed in a museum.

1. Song: Can't Stop Artist: Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Director: Mark Romanek

Inspired by One Minute Sculptures by Erwin Wurm

2. Song: Bulls on Parade Band or singer: Rage Against The Machine

Director: Barbara Kruger

3. Song: Country House Band or singer: Blur

Director: Damien Hirst

4. Song: Hotline Blink Band or singer: Drake

Director: Director X

Even though James Turrell denies being involve with this video... here it is!

5. Song: Picasso Baby Band or singer: Jay z

Director: Director X

After this Marina Abramovic said the singer "completly used her"

6. Song: Aura Band or singer: Lady Gaga

Live at #VEVOartRave 2013

Jeff Koons and Lady Gaga ... Anyone could see this coming

7. Song: Come to dady Band or singer: Aphex twin

Director: Chris Cunningham

By checking our covers, can you guess which one is our favorite?

8. Song: Rude Boy Band or singer: Rihana

Director: Melina Matsoukas

Well, this video has so many references like Andy Warhol, Basquiat, Lichtenstein, Keith Haring, Annie Leibovitz ... there are more artists alluded in this music video than in Story of Art by E. H. Gombrich

9. Song: Criminal Band or singer: Fiona Apple

Director: Mark Romanek

It's obvious that is inspired in Nan Goldin epic photography

9. Song: Closer Band or singer: Nine Inch Nails

Director: Mark Romanek

This one is head to toe 100% Joel-Peter Witkin. Looks like Romanek is really into arts, right?




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