Monterrey, Nuevo León, México. CP 64920

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While we observe them through the microscope and try to decipher the impact of their presence in our populations, in reality what we see is a reflection of ourselves. Each person infected with a virus, a bacteria or a parasite may function as a data source that reveals...

This January was the inauguration in Monterrey of the largest exhibition (so far) by Cardiff & Miller. The Canadian duo, who has worked together since 1995, has left for us spectators, 9 pieces charged with stimuli. Though their work could fall under the umbrella of...

High tensions caused by the current social and political upheaval are felt worldwide. One cannot seem to escape the exhausting and wearing news cycle unless they were to throw their phones and computers out the window. Fortunately for us, art offers a way of consuming...

On January 21st and 22nd, Barcelona will be hosting it’s 7th edition. Without a doubt it is an event that excites with simply reading through it’s invited guest list: a list that includes living legends whom will reflect upon relevant issues regarding the industry and...

Nicolás Paris was born in Colombia in 1977. Although he began his career in architecture, he decided to leave school to become a teacher at a rural school in the town of La Macarena, Colombia. Without any previous experience as a teacher, he developed new learning stra...

A prominent member of the Düsseldorf School in Germany, photographer Thomas Ruff presents his first solo exhibition in a mexican gallery at Galería OMR in Mexico City. In our present time of instant photography and hyperrealism, Ruff is considered a master of capturin...

Colectivo Marcela y Gina


Ación en estudio de fotografía

Foto de estudio. Monterrey

Cortesía Marcela Quiroga

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In a future scenario, perhaps in less than twenty years, Monterrey and its conurbations will have become one of the most important artisti...

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Torre C3 (Celosía clave 3), Torre C4 (Celosía clave 4),

Torre C5 (Celosía clave 5), Torre C9 (Celosía clave 9), Torre C17 (Celosía clave 17), 2013   

Instalación de cemento, arena, alambrón, alambre, celosía y triciclo para venta...

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